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Wooden roses

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Established in November of 2000 and based in Yuanyang flowers co., Ltd, Tianjin of China. We are manufacturer of fine wooden flowers( Especially wooden roses).
Research and development department is one of the major sectors in our company, managed directly by our general manager. We have been making great progress. Our customers mainly from North America and Europe regard us as “ Great businessman” and “Best Supplier ”.We are well established because we are honest, capable and boast of good business standing, quality guarantee and whole-hearted service .


Wooden Petals

Onion Grasses

Wooden Roses

This is some information about our company:
We have more than five years' experience in producing and exporting the wooden flowers( especially wooden roses), dried flowers( drying flowers) and artificial flowers( silk roses).
2. We produce skillfully by hand all kinds of artificial flowers including wooden flowers( woode roses) and silk flowers and dried flowers( drying flowers) . We are also specialized in wooden flower( wooden rose) from natural material.
3.More than 600 talented and experienced artificers and many other workers working.
4.Catalog: Wooden flowers (wood roses), Green Grass, Silk flowers, Silk leaves, dried flowers( drying flowers) and other artificial flowers. (please see our detailed website catalog on homepage).
5.Sales areas: Worldwide , mainly in America and Europe.
6.Sales and production capacity per month: Commercial quality more than 10 containers.
7.Wooden rose( wood roses) is our main products: more than 10 kind of styles, 56 kind of colors.
8.New design wooden flowers( wooden roses) come out on regular basis.
We suggest you have an overview of our online catalog and see our full fine collections of artificial flowers. Then please take your time to place an order if the price is ok. We have strict quality guarantee, competitive prices and best service. welcome you to visit our factory any time.

 Popular Wooden Rose Item

Color Chart Wooden Flower Color Charge

small wooden rose large ( Big) wooden rose
Small Buds
(Small Wooden Rose)
Big Buds
(Large Wooden Rose)
Half Open Roses
(1/2 Open Rose)
Open Roses
(Full Open rose)
Wooden Tulips
(Small & Large)
Wooden Lily
(Small & Large)
Wooden Peony
( Small& Large)
Wooden Daly
(Daly Flowers)

Wooden rose is made up of petals, leaves and haulm of leaves, of which petals are made of birch crumb, leaves are made of fibre and haulm of leaves are made of iron thread around with a special paper. 
They are boiled, steamed, colored natural and heat pressed, at last, assembled via handwork. The color of petals may be different. We can make the petals you need according to your wooden flower colors or samples.
Now we've got six style of wood roses (please browse the following list for details , their numbers are Rose01、Rose02、Rose03、Rose04、Rose05 and Rose06) , meanwhile we are developing new models . Every type has more than 56 colors( please look at our page of color numbers ,Color No.1--Color No.56) . If you want to place an order ,please choose the types ,such as Rose01、Rose03 ,then choose the colors you like , such as Color No.1、Color No.12、Color No.32...

Wooden Flower

 Other Wooden Rose Series

Color Chart Wooden Flower Color Charge

Straight Petal
Wooden Roses
Wooden Circle
Petals Roses
Wooden Daisy Wooden Carnations
Wooden Sunflowers Wooden Poinsettia Wooden Roses Branch Wooden Orchids

We are the inventor of the wooden rose( wooden flower). You can order any colors and any styles wooden flowers( wooden roses) for your markets. If you want to order the roses from our website ,Please you send the correct email address to us, So we can contact to you. we will give you the details.

 The Special Wooden Rose Series

Color Chart Wooden Flower Color Charge

Wooden Butterfly Wooden Rose Leaves Wooden Roses Petals Single Long Stem
Roses in a Sleeve

Friends, Welcome to visit our factory! We are the inventor of the wooden roses! Our company manufactures dried flowers, wooden flowers, wooden roses, rose wooden, artificial flowers, silk flowers, silk roses, decoration flowers, any style roses etc. Welcome to visit our company anytime!


  Other Items for Roses
Flwoer Scent
Sleeve for Flowers
Onion Grass
Onion Grass
Baby`s Breath
Baby Breath
Organza Ribbon
Artificial Pearls
M110101 M110102 M110103 M110105 M110106 M110107 M110108
Display Boxes
Wooden Flwoers Color Printing
for Roses
M110109 M110110 M110112 M110113 M110115 SOON SOON

 Factory Shows
Making Wood
 Circle Rose
How to make Wooden Rose
How to Make
Wooden lily
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Make Sleeves
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 Our Wooden Roses are hand made using quality wood, with particular attention to detail, that creates a truly unique real looking rose, that will last a life time.  All of our wooden roses, come lightly scented with rose oil that hold its fragrance for months. Can be ordered unscented for people with allergy sensitivity. Our Wooden Rose is so real in how they look, feel, and smell that many people  will be fooled into thinking they are a real rose! Welcome to co-operate with our  wooden roses factory! We only manufacture good quality wooden rose and wooden flower, we  are the largest wooden roses factory in the world!